Commercial/Residenatial .


Balancing needs and wants…Times change. People change. But their homes will never meet the needs brought about by change unless action is taken. Positive action. A larger bedroom may be needed, or a more modern bathroom or kitchen. Space may not flow well. Whatever the case may be, we will prioritize the needs that compel the remodeling and document the wants and desires that will make the project worthwhile. And we involve you in the process.In order to truly satisfy you, we must know your tastes in design and finish materials. So we encourage you to identify and express your preferences. Bearing in mind that we all work as a team, we offer advice and council in these areas. Drawing on our experience can prove quite helpful in selecting colors and materials that truly reflect your tastes and lifestyle and will bring you contentment for years to come.

Taking a close look at costs…With the overall objectives firmly understood by everyone concerned, we prioritize various phases of the job and lay out the basic design and scope of the work. Only after this is done can we arrive at an accurate, exact cost figure for your project.In determining this figure, we recognize that homeowners often try to establish costs before they decide on exactly what changes should be made in their homes. A request to “replace the kitchen” does not give us enough information. Each home has its own particular characteristics that, in turn, can directly influence the cost of remodeling. These characteristics must be thoroughly examined and factored into our cost analysis. Some examples are: site conditions; accessibility; existing structural elements; design elements.

Staying flexible to make your project more economical…Metroform   develops specifications and plans in accordance with the priorities and budget. Under the flexible programs, cost-saving adjustments can be made to meet budget or design objectives prior to committing to a finished set of Design, plans etc..